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Top 10 School Fight Scenes

“What is the top 10 school fight scene?” is a question that many people wonder about. The top ten school fight scenes are as varied as the entire world, but the overall theme is common to all of them – namely, fights between two schools and not between gangs. Most schools fight over the school colors, such as red for those of the school’s members who wore red clothing at homecoming or prom.

The top school fight scene, however, doesn’t have to involve fighting students wearing the school colors. A great fight scene is the one that is made up entirely of characters from the school and has nothing to do with the color of the clothing worn by the combatants. A great example of this is the classic Halloween episode of the TV show Scrubs, in which a fight between the women of the hospital takes place in the elevator between floors, involving the whole team.

One of the things that made the movie The Great Santini’s movie so good was the way that the three main actors, played by Kevin Costner, Peter Boyle, and Angela Lansbury, were the only two characters onscreen for a certain amount of time during the school fight scene. They were the only ones there, making it all about their friendship, rather than about the action they were trying to save the school from. This means that the movie had a top ten school fight scene. We all know how popular the movie is; we just need to have a top ten school fight scene of our own.